Five places to visit in New-York

New York cityNew-York is the city of contrasts. Everyone will find what he wants. But what should you do if you don’t know what exactly you want? Here are five places to visit in New York, the most popular and interesting. They show you this versatile city from different sides.

Statue of Liberty is a monument. French people donated it to the United States in 1886 to commemorate the century of Independence Day. No doubt, this is the main jewel of New York.

Metropolitan Museum of Art is a cultural center of North American continent. This is the main museum in New York, whose collection of art treasures is among the largest and most renowned of the existing collections on the planet.Brighton Beach

Public Library of New York – one of the most well-known public libraries in Western world and one of the major American research libraries. However, this is not just a library – it is also a famous landmark in New York.

Brighton Beach – conveniently located on Coney Island in Brooklyn. It is so popular that they say it is full-fledged landmark of the Big Apple, number one of five places to visit in New York – at least for Russians.

Trinity Church (or Trinity Wall Street) on Broadway 79, New York – a historic, conducting all the services a parish church in the Diocese of New York. It is located at the crossroad of Broadway and Wall Street in Midtown Manhattan.

Five places to visit in Pattaya

PattayaPattaya – a popular resort in Thailand. It is located on the shores of the Gulf of the eastern seaboard. If you don’t want to lose yourself in marvelous places of this land, you should know five places to visit in Pattaya. What is worth seeing?

First of all Sanctuary of Truth also known as Wang Boran or Prasat Mai. It is a 105-meter wooden church, designed to showcase the contemporary religious art, currently under construction in Pattaya. The temple, which erection began in 1981, is constructed in the style of ancient Khmer architecture, like the one that can be seen at Angkor, and is completely covered with hand-carved wooden sculptures.

Then walk down Walking Street – one of the most famous and busiest parts of town that is the landmark of Pattaya. This street is well known to most tourists visiting Thailand, as well as the Thais from many parts of the country. Volkin Street runs from the southern end of Beach Road to Bali Hai Pier.

Come to see Buddha image at Khao Chee Chan Hill.Pattaya beach Created with the laser beams an image of the Buddha is a popular tourist attraction in Pattaya. Height – 130 meters, width – 70 meters.

See a new performance at the Theatre “Alangkarn”. It is a unique place, which collects various kinds of Thai performing arts.

The last but not the least of five places to visit in Pattaya is Sutin Fine Art. Visit it and you will find a large number of paintings: many copies of paintings by famous artists, paintings by local and foreign artists. Of course, this is hard to find a masterpiece here, but something quite pretty can be a keepsake.

Five places to visit in Istanbul

Istanbul TurkeyIstanbul is among the major trading centers of Eurasia. This capital of ancient Byzantine Empire attracts thousands of tourists. Where to go? What to see? Here are five places to visit in Istanbul, the most popular and interesting.

At first go to St. Sophia Cathedral.
In the past it was the main church of Eastern Christianity. In 1453, after Constantinople was captured by the Ottoman Turks, St. Sophia was turned into a mosque.

One more place of interest is Basilica Cistern, which, for many residents of Istanbul would top our “Five places to visit in Istanbul” list.Istambul In antique Constantinople there were established many underground reservoirs to supply drinking water to its inhabitants in bad times. The Basilica Cistern is the largest of all remaining.

Galata Tower is one of the icons of the city. This is one of the tallest towers and old Istanbul, height – 63 m, and diameter – 9 m. It offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the city, the Bosphorus and Golden Horn.

If you like history, visit local Archaeological Museum. The museum is based in the center, next to the Gulhane Park and Topkapi Palace. You’ll see over one million objects from different eras and cultures in this museum.

Istanbul is rich in beautiful palaces. One of them is Topkapi Sarayi.
Topkapi Palace was the sultans’ residence and the Ottoman Empire administrative center in 1465 – 1853. Nowadays it is one of modern must-sees of Istanbul.